Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beer Rules

Some beer rules from to keep you occupied while I finalize the rating system:

Cardinal Rules of Beer Drinking

  1. Never mess with another person's beer.

  2. Not finishing your beer is alcohol abuse. No excuses.

  3. Don't leave your beer unattended. Would you leave your kid in a mall?

  4. It is better to pass out than to ass out.

  5. If you pass out, you are fair game to be chiefed.

  6. Don't drink and drive unless you are in Eleuthera, Bahamas (its legal).

Monday, February 25, 2008


I put up some widgets, first, some visual cues from flickr, and also beermapping's feed of new additions to their new york area map. We've got the best blog everrr.

Rating System

So Mike and I want to have a rating system that is universal to all 3 hopheads. We could take a page from BeerAdvocate, or make something up ourselves. Thoughts?
Giving this blogging thing a try...friggin weird. Cheers to our glorious beverage journey.

Ok fellas, so begins our first foray into the wonderful world of web-publishing. Right now I've set it so that only us fancy-schmancy authors can read this, this can be expanded to a list of people we want, or completely public.