Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beer Rules

Some beer rules from to keep you occupied while I finalize the rating system:

Cardinal Rules of Beer Drinking

  1. Never mess with another person's beer.

  2. Not finishing your beer is alcohol abuse. No excuses.

  3. Don't leave your beer unattended. Would you leave your kid in a mall?

  4. It is better to pass out than to ass out.

  5. If you pass out, you are fair game to be chiefed.

  6. Don't drink and drive unless you are in Eleuthera, Bahamas (its legal).

1 comment:

Mike said...

Eleuthera must be a mess. What the hell is 'to be chiefed'? Is that the same as shaming? And is walking around and clinking the top of someone else's bottle considered messing with another's beer? These are the important questions I need answered by James. Along with a damn ratings system, slacker.