Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blind Tiger Alehouse, Greenwich Village, NYC

Ah, the Blind Tiger. Where to begin. My love affair with this bar began after a buddy of mine had heard good things on BeerAdvocate. We went before a show his buddy's band was playing around the corner and while we could only stay for two beers, it was an awesome tease. I've since returned with another friend or two or three, including fellow Hopheads-in-Training Jimmy and Mike. Almost every time I've made it up to the city and I'm in the lower west side in any shape or form, I've been lured there.

The bar features 28 delicious craft brews on tap as well as a few others featured on cask and gravity. Selection is therefore great and in constant rotation. They keep an updated draught list on their website, though if its close to a week old, it is probably half out-of-date. Good beer comes and goes quickly I suppose.

The Blind Tiger has a great atmosphere, especially in the spring/summer when they open the windows. Awesome for an afternoon stop before dinner. Its got a nice look to it, wooden and homely. It was fairly crowded at popular drinking times on the weekend, but I never had a problem finding standing room. Wait around long enough and a table or seats at the bar will open up. The customer base seem to be a lively bunch who all love beer, as is true of the staff, who are knowledgeable, at least enough to explain what each of the beers on the board are, no matter how obscure they might be.

They also feature a huge selection of bottles, but with the tap selection, I haven't felt the need to dabble there. They also have a kitchen serving up hot food. Jimmy and I each took down one of their Chipoltle Chicken Quesadillas, which was quite delicious, especially after a few potent brews.

All in all, the Blind Tiger did not disappoint. If you're anywhere near the corner of Bleecker and Jones in New York City, do yourself a favor and stop in.

Blind Tiger Website

Picture by Richard Moross


Jimmy said...

This place is AMAZING!!! If I lived in the city, I would be here at least once a week. Great atmosphere, great beers & great food. When is our next trip??

Mike said...

This place is legit. Great selection and atmosphere, decent pricing considering you are in the heart of NYC. I would go there every day if I could.