Monday, June 2, 2008

New Addition to Hopheads

Our newest member to the blog Ryan is coming straight from the streets of Philadelphia, PA. He will be representing the hopheads operations out there. The city is arguably one of the best in terms of beer in our country and he will represent it proud. Ryan had his first sip of beer at the age of 3 and is still cranking away. His enjoyment for beer goes hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. He is normally the first one to start drinking at lunch and will be the last one standing to the wee hours of night. Welcome and make the beer gods proud. Enjoy!


Mike said...

Really, Jimmy? THIS is the best you can do for an introduction? I think my 8 year old cousin could have written a better one. :-)

Welcome to the blog, Ryan! Look forward to seeing your contributions.

Jimmy said...

Yes, I had an elaborate funny and short story to put about Ryan in my head but when it came to writing, my brain disentegrated like plastic in a fire. And YES, believe me, your 8 year old cousin could write better than me!