Sunday, October 5, 2008

Green Flash Hop Head Red Ale

My dad bought a case of this from Shangy's out in PA and I have been secretly taking from him. Finally I review it as the case is now gone.

: Poured one fat finger of head and a deep ruby red color that glows when held against light. Looks cloudy and secretive but very tempting to taste.

Smell: The aromatic qualities of this are hard to decipher. It is Amarillo dry hopped and has piney, resinous hops. Vague traces of yeasty bakery type malts.

Taste: Hopped up for sure! The hops clearly dominate the flavors and I straight up love it. Simply refreshing and bitter.

Mouthfeel: Perfectly carbonated that just mellows out as you let it linger in your mouth. IPA type aftertaste :) Thick for a red ale I feel.

Drinkability: 9/10. Finally a red ale that I like. Well, its not your normal red ale due to the hops and shocked there was only 45 IBUs (I was expecting around 60-70). Would definitely buy again (FYI - I drank their IPA and Imperial IPA before). West coast hops are whats up. Served out of a tulip glass from a 12 fl oz bottle.


Ryan said...

I just had this beauty last week on tap. One of the best I've had (since Cane and Ebel). Great stuff.

Mike said...

I'm enjoying this one right now, and I can say it is one of my favorite red ales, mainly because of it's uniqueness to other red ales. SO much hop flavor the instant it touches the tongue, then the sweet malts ease your tastebuds back to life.