Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at Alex's

A lil' pre-turkey round of beers with the family.

From left, Sierra Nevada Harvest 2008, Rock Art 2008 Holiday Bock, Stone Vertical Epic 2008, Rock Art Vermonster, Rogue Hazlenut Brown Ale, and North Coast Old Rasputin.

The standout for me was the Stone Vertical Epic. Really interesting garden taste to it. Basil or Mint. I'd buy again definitely, and am looking forward to picking one up to age.

Hope your holiday was enjoyable, Cheers.


vtster said...

Of the group, the Vermonster gives the best "bang for your buck" at 10% abv. and less than $5.00 a bottle. However, the Vertical Epic is quite interesting, to say the least, and will definitely require further "testing."

Mike said...

Two of my favorites are in that group; the Harvest (especially this years!) and the Old Ras. I can't remember if I've had the Vermonster before, maybe Jimmy or Alex can refresh my memory.