Saturday, September 12, 2009

NYC Beer Week is upon us...

...and we couldn't be more pumped! After Ryan's experience with Philly Beer Week (where we will venture to hopefully next year), Jimmy, Alex, and I were inspired to check out NYC's version. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it into the city for more than one day, so we are going on an all day marathon beer week extravaganza, beginning around noon time and ending whenever we get thrown out. Pile on top of that that it's the opening Sunday for the NFL, along with it finally supposed to stop raining here in the tri-state area, and we've got ourselves a nice little day planned.

So follow us on Twitter (@hopheads) for up to the minute news, reviews, ramblings, and drunken pearls of wisdom, as I'm sure they will be flowing as much as the casks and taps allow us.

For beer week information, visit the official NYC Beer Week website here.

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