Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aventinus Wheat Doppelbock Ale (2002)

Appearance: Some head to it, disappeared pretty quickly. Very cloudy (Beer foul: I was drinking this out of a flute glass and I didn't swirl it up between pours to release the sediments from the bottom, so my last glass was MUCH heavier than the first.) Really nice color to it (as far as I know haha).

Smell: Fruits and spices. I'm not good enough to identify them but there's a nice assortment in there.

Taste: Like it smells. Sweet and fruity with a little alcohol bite sharpening the otherwise smooth experience. I would drink this in the fall; there's a whole harvest's worth of fruit and spices in here.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, especially on my mega-unfiltered last glassful. Not a whole lot of carbonation.

Drinkablity: 8% ABV but the smoothness makes it go down easy. Complex flavor makes this a treat to experience. I recommend.


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