Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale (1998)

Appearance: Thick and darkish deep coffee brown. Specks of black flakes floating around. No head (~0.01 finger).

Smell: Intense chocolaty cassis smell with rich vibes of unknown scents; perhaps aged hops?

Taste: Chocolaty, smooth and bold blend of hops with not sense of malts. This one slaps you in the face and wakes you right up.

Mouthfeel: Even more inviting than anything I have ever had before. I just want to keep it in my mouth as it cuddles with my tastebuds. Chocolatey hopiness TKOs me in the face.

Drinkability: Awesome....Wish I could compare it with a 1998 one back at that time. Typical Bigfoot abv of 9.6%. Can't drink numerous quantities of this brew (unless you have an iron stomach), but definitely fits the night right just before bed.

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