Tuesday, April 1, 2008

North Coast Brewing Co. Old Rasputin

Appearance: Deep Dark Brown beer, light brown head that stuck around.

Smell: Toasty and malty, as stout-ey as it gets.

Taste: Big roasted malt, coffee-like flavor. Similar aftertaste to Storm King. It hits your tongue a little different than Storm King does though. Hard to describe the difference, but its like totally there. You still reading this review?

Mouthfeel: Good balance. Nice carbonation, but still smooth and thick, yet it doesn't approach the motor-oil feel of some brews.

Drinkability: Overall this is a delicious concoction. Great for warming you up in the winter. If you like stouts, do yourself a favor.


Her said...

I just found your blog while flipping through the blogs after mine. I am a beer enthusiast and look forward to keeping up withyour recommendations. I used to live in on the North Coast, home to many good local beers. Had any from Lost Coast Brewery?

Jimmy said...

My dads friend had a sixtel of this so he filled up a growler and I am drinking some now as we speak:

Appearance: Dark Knight batman style. If I had a big enough beer glass, I would hide behind it playing hide n' go seek.

Smell: Rich piney and sugary hops, which I find surprising for an Imperial Stout. Velvety dark chocolate aromas

Taste: Amazing. Very well balanced all around from chocolate to hops.

Mouthfeel: Rich and creamy

Drinkability: One of the best imperial stouts, ever. If you can get taste this off draft, go for it. A rare 10/10 off draft