Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Appearance: Dark and thick, about a finger of head present, you can't see through it if you wanted to. As dark as it is, I am still drawn to it and am looking forward to drinking it.

Smell: Chocolate and roasted malts are in the forefront of its smell, but not too overpowering, as there is still the slight presence of floral and pine hops. Great balance.

Taste: I was expecting a really strong thick taste without subtlety, but I was wrong. The chocolatey, roasted, toasty malts greet your mouth as pleasantly as possible and follows through all the way to the back of the pallet. Hops aren't as present, but that's expected in a stout, making it perfect for this style.

Mouthfeel: Very little carbonation, alive while on your tongue. This beer allows the different parts of your mouth have unique experiences as various regions tingle from the bite of a stout while others enjoy its great flavor.

Drinkability: Like most stouts, you can't really drink it all night. However, once you make your way towards the end of your night, you might have to indulge in multiple glasses. Be careful, the 10.8% abv will sneak up on you without you noticing if you have one too many. Definitely would buy/drink again in a heartbeat.

Serving type: Bottle
Glass type: Duvel Snifter


Her said...

You need to do more drinking please. I don't want to lose interest in your beer journal because of lag time.

Mike said...

Haha, sorry about that. We do drink quite a bit, its just that sometimes we either forget or get too lazy to write a review. I think you'll see a couple new reviews in a few days.