Saturday, April 5, 2008

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale

Appearance: Has a great golden yellow color (the picture flash distorts the actual look, trust me that it's more yellow) that's slightly cloudy but extremely inviting. Tons of carbonation with what can be described as a fluffy head. Served from bottle into the traditional Duvel glass produces almost FOUR fingers of head (!!!) Even after letting it settle for a few minutes, the beer continues to release carbonation from the bottom towards the head.

Smell: Like the appearance, very inviting and extremely tempting to drink. Citrus hops are the first thing that hits your nose, with maybe a touch of floral hops as well. The malts are pretty well hidden in the smell, so maybe they will become more prevalent in the taste.

Taste: WOW. Talk about a range of tastes in just one sip. Like I wondered, the slightly sweet oatmeal malts present themselves in the taste, leaving the hops for the aftertaste. Great blend of all the ingredients, giving each one its highlight during the sip.

Mouthfeel: Despite the massive amounts of head, the Golden Ale is not overly carbonated. Nothing overpowering about the beer while its making its way across your pallet. Very smooth and light, but not watery. Perfect for a Belgian ale.

Drinkability: You better believe that I highly recommend this brew. It's on the pricey side as I paid $13 for a 4-pack, but consider it money well spent. At 8.5% abv, the alcohol you think you would taste is hidden nicely. A warning that since you don't taste that extra kick, don't drink too many, or you will hit the floor. Can't wait to taste others from the Duvel Moortgat Brewery.

Serving type: Bottle
Glass type: Duvel Snifter

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