Thursday, March 20, 2008

Troegs Nugget Nectar

Appearance - Deep vibrant orange color; almost like honey. The color reminds me of light fancy VT Maple Syrup. Carbonation faded away fast with barely any head. The viscosity isn't thick at all and I just want to drink it, not rate it.

Smell - Sweet like a sugary orange candy thats not too overpowering. A tint of pine-i-ness, like when you freshly cut pine wood type hops. Can't figure out the malty smell.

Taste - Similar to the smell. Very well balanced; nothing is overpowering and stands out. Makes me want to try other amber style ales.

Mouthfeel - Very light and very inviting to keep drinking. Love the slight tingles of carbonation bursting with little bites of hops.

Overall - I read the label at the end and it said 93ish I.B.U.'s. HOLY SHIT...I am shocked. It is not overpowering hops like a bold IPA at all. My favorite brew from Troegs that I definitely recommend. Impressed with this one. 7.5% abv as well so be may taste light but it comes with a kick.


Jimmy said...

Currently drinking this beer again right now....loving it like no tomorrow. I would buy a case in a heartbeat...even a keg for the spring/summer.

Alex said...

Agreed. I love the combination of citrus and hops this beer throws at you. Comes on like a normal beer then the aftertaste is delicious and unique. I'm at work right now and I want more of it.

Jimmy said...

So I found one last bottle of this in my fridge. Amazing VIBRANT deep amber color that is more inviting then a room full of gold. It is light bodied like other ambers but the taste just stands out immensely in terms of hot. This will definitely be one of my top 3 beers of 2008.

Mike said...

Live blogging from East Village Tavern with Alex, just had this awesome brew on cask 9%, even better than the bottle.

Jimmy said...

I still can not believe this beer can get any better?!?! Sure wish I was with you gents to try this beauty out of the cast. I just had 2 bottles before dinner tonight. One was from Stateline in MD and did not taste as good as Ramsey Liquors in NJ. Must have been a different batch. Still, I love this freaking beer!!