Monday, February 16, 2009

Beer Tax Hike in Oregon

I was surfing the web on this lovely President's Day and came across the following article:

Just wanted to start up a discussion and get your feedback on what you think.

My opinion is that I hate taxes, especially when they start to interfere with the craft beer industry. Oregon may rank only 49th in the malt beverage taxation rate, but that is what makes it such a sweet state to brew some ales. Such wondrous names as Rogue and Hair of the Dog come from Oregon, and I am sure plenty of fabulous others are their that I have never heard of over here in the East Coast. The economy may be in a bad state, but cut some of the state governments spending instead. I would find it hard to believe that drinking craft beer costs the state money in health care, law enforcement and substance abuse problems. Hey government, pick on somebody your own size and stay away from the brewers!


Mike said...

Good find, Jimmy. I've read this in various places about the proposed tax hike. "Sin" taxes like those against alcohol and cigarettes seem extremely ridiculous to me because lawmakers essentially pass moral judgment on these extra taxes. That's right, the brewers get taxed for making the beer, passing on the cost to distributors and then to the consumers, PLUS the sales tax the consumers pay (I know, Oregon doesn't pay a sales tax, but I'm just making a general case since most states do). Lawmakers make the argument that alcohol leads to numerous health problems that cost the state billions in lost earnings and health care. Ok, so what about a family of Klumps that eats nothing but McDonalds for dinner every night, so much so that they are too large to work, go on disability, and need constant care. Are we going to start taxing fast food because its unhealthy?

Alex said...

Alls I know is I spent some time in Hood River, Oregon this summer, and there were no less than 3 breweries in town, with more in neighboring boroughs. It was awesome, and it'd be a shame for that environment to no longer be nurtured.