Monday, February 16, 2009

Extreme Beer Festival

The Hopheads are hitting the road up to Boston once again, this time for the Extreme Beer Festival presented by BeerAdvocate and Dogfish Head. The festival is on February 20th and 21st with the first night deemed Night of the Barrels and two regular session on Saturday. We would have loved to make it up for both days, but even the closest of us is almost 4 hours away. This will also be the first event where all 4 hopheads will be together, should be a hell of a time. Definitely not going to promise a full report because we saw how well that worked last time, but we might take a few pictures and give a little update. If you will be in the area this weekend and wanna grab a drink or three, or have any advice on eats and watering holes, let us know.

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