Sunday, April 5, 2009

Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA

So it is Sunday and you know what that means in my family: BEEEEEEEEEEER. I picked some of these 12oz over at Ramsey Liquors. Lets get this party started for April:

Appearance: Pours an incandescent clear yellow with a surprising 2 fingers of head (I think the northern NJ distributor of Founders must have gone over a couple of bumps because this is the second time I have had a Founders that was overly carbonated. Either that or that is how a typical Founders is). Molten head lacing slowly dissipates and leaves this hieroglyphic writing that says, "Enjoy the 86 IBU's!"

Smell: Ahhhhh!! My favorite grapefruit citrus hops blended well douglas fir baby pine tree tasting hops. Lets get that nose in closer for another AHHHHHH!!!

Taste: Not as orgasmic as the smell. Intense hopsicity more on the piney side. Kind of sweet in a way (could be the salt from my PepFarm Pizza Flavor Blasted Goldfish).

Mouthfeel: Dry bitter smoky aftertaste that would make BudLight drinkers cry home to their mommys. Goes down coarse and not as carbonated as the initial appearance

Drinkability: Another job well done from Founders in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Would like to get the chance to try this off the tap someday. Overall, this 9.4% was a 8.5/10 for me. Up there with my hoppy DIPAs that I just go crazy over. Its strong, but I am stronger so I could have a couple more; hence I would definitely drink another

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btsmith said...

Budlight drinkers are classy bro.