Friday, April 24, 2009

I Swore I Would Never Do This, But...

I tweeted. I'm not one for getting sucked into stupid internet fad crap, but since everyone and their mother is on this Twitter thingie, we figured we might as well set one up for the blog. On the bright side, this could come in handy during beer fests and drunken excursions so you, the readers can get our up to the second thoughts on the glorious beer we are drinking. Also, it will help us remember shit, because we are pretty bad at that stuff. Tomorrow, Jimmy, Alex, and myself will be perusing through NYC's craft beer bars pretty much all day, so if you want updates on our thoughts or want to give us suggestions, head on over to our Twitter page. If you want to rebel against society you commie-pinko-nazi-fascist-baby killing bastard, you could always leave a comment here.

Kidding, you aren't a commie-pinko, nazi, or fascist.

Oh yea, I'll do a write up Sunday about the batch Jimmy and I made, I'm too tired to do it all tonight.

*Update* We added a gadget to the right that streams our Twitter page right onto the blog.

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