Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bell's Special Double Cream Stout

The Godfather picked me up a 6pack of these 12oz bottles back in April. Batch #8273 (packaged on 12/19/07). I served it in the 1995 GABF glass. [Side note: Great brewery; check out their selections at].

Appearance: Poured dark as night with shades of bat violet with a whopping 3.5 fingers of head. Kind of intimidating but I had my "Golfer Bear" to protect me.

Smell: A clusterfu*k of malts (the label says 10), so I am getting all kinds of aromas ranging from a Twix bar, to coffee, to chocolate milk and even to roasted walnuts.

Taste: Very complex flavors. Remind me of the taste of S'mores with bittersweet chocolate

Mouthfeel: Creamy, bubbly/foamy & thick viscosity. Soft and mellow/yellow aftertaste that keeps you asking for some more.

Overall: Yummy. Definitely drinkable for multiple glasses at 6.1% abv. I would probably stick to this for desert or late night even though it doesn't have that night cap kick to it; Just don't want it make me full for dinner. A lot better as is adjusts to room temp from the fridge. 8/10

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