Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mad River Brewing Co. Steelhead Double IPA

My dad split a case of this with his friend; I thus took a bottle of the California beauty and drank it. First time I had a beer from this brewery. Lets see how it goes:

Appearance: Vermont honey glow. Don't even try to look through it. 1/2 finger of head.

Smell: I don't know if its my stuffy nose, but I am having trouble sniffing this one. Sweet malts and perfumy hops stand out the most to me.

Taste: Where did the malts come from!! Quite surprising for this style of beer I feel. On the sweet side.

Mouthfeel: A little coarse in texture and leaves a mild dry hop aftertaste. The hops definitely prevail the maltage in this category.

Drinkability: I wasn't blown away but still a decent brew. It was missing that bang that I get from my favorite style of DIPAs. Despite my criticism, still a decent 7/10.

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