Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying Dog Canis Major

Hello there, hopheads. Well, it's a Friday night with nothing to do, so why not make it a beer night? I perused my local beer store and came across a variety four pack from Flying Dog called Canis Major. I haven't had Flying Dog before (that I can remember), but I have heard good things. My expectations are pretty low, so I should be easy to impress, especially with the lineup offered in the pack featuring some of my favorite styles: a tripel, a double pale ale, a barleywine, and an imperial porter. I don't think there is a beer below a 7.8% abv, so I apologize in advance if you can't exactly read my later posts. I'll try to clean it up when I awake from my beer coma in the morning. Enjoy! Pics to follow.

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