Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying Dog Double Dog

Well the Kerberos Tripel was a good warmup, but now it's time to kick it up a notch (BAM!)...I promise I will never do that again. The Double Dog is a double pale ale, expecting a ton of bite to it, so here goes.

Appearance: There is a deep amber color with about a finger of head. I don't know why, but this beer looks like it means business.

Smell: Piny hops with a kick of oaky/roasty malts. Its not inviting like the tripel, but you do get excited in anticipation of the great taste and bitterness about to touch your lips. If bitterness had a smell, this would be it.

Taste: Pine hops are at the forefront, with very little malts presenting itself in the beginning of the taste. On the aftertaste, the roasted malts wake you up, reminding you that they are still there. Not as overpowering of bitterness as I expected, but its noticeable.

Mouthfeel: Little carbonation on the tongue, bitterness is definitely there. The beer is pretty lively as it travels around your mouth and down the throat, very enjoyable. A beer not afraid to kick you in the mouth.

Drinkability: The great taste does its best to hide the alcohol taste, but it is noticeable, and the bitterness does make it a little hard to drink repeatedly in a night However, at 11.5% abv and 85IBUs, I highly recommend adding this to your rotation, especially for those more experience hopheads in our audience. I guarantee you will enjoy this brew, and if not, you can send me nastily worded emails, but thats about it. On to Round 3.

Serving type: Bottle
Glass type: Sam Adams Glass

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Jimmy said...

Chef Emril Mikey; BAMM! Your review makes me want to try this beer as I love piney hops and bitterness raping my taste buds