Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale (2009)

Ah yes, Bigfoot, definitely a Hophead classic. Lucky for us, they put out a new release every year, so we get to compare it from one year to the next. Also, since it is a barleywine, aging these bad boys and revisiting them at a future date is a great exercise as well. I'll be doing the former of this just recently released beer.
Appearance: The pour is a dark rich amber/maroon color with the skinniest of heads that doesn't last very long, and even though the color is pretty dark, it is relatively easy to make out shapes on the other side.

Smell: A deep, rich smell greets the nose with a combination of caramel/sweet malts with a hint of fruity hops, an awesome collaboration, excited to drink it.

Taste: Wow, a real mix of caramel and fruit, the hops are still present because it is so fresh, but they definitely give way to the malts which give this beer its soul, bitter and sweet at the same time, with an aftertaste that makes you crave for more.

Mouthfeel: Little to no carbonation, typical in your barleywine style, not overly thick, relatively smooth, coats the tongue and the back of your mouth, a little alcohol kick to let you know its still alive.

Drinkability: Plain and simple: if you see a six pack of Bigfoot (or a case for you PA folks who don't have access to such luxuries), grab it. If you love barleywines, this might be your standard, and if you are being introduced to them for the first time, you might be hard pressed to find one that beats it. There is a bit of an alcohol aftertaste that may prevent you from drinking more than one a night, but that's understandable, treat it as a nightcap since its at 9.6% abv. If you've read the blog before, you might know the Fresh Hop Harvest is my favorite beer coming from Sierra Nevada, but this is a close second. If you are lucky to have a friend who happens to have some aged Bigfoots (I'm looking at you, Jimbo), try those as well, you are in for a treat. I give it a 9/10.

Glass type: Chimay goblet
Serving type: bottle

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Jimmy said...

I know what you mean with the alcoholic taste that you can sometimes get. It is a real honor for my dad to share his stash dating back to 1997 I think. Very amazing how different these beasts can taste year over year. Perfect night cap (or beginning :) ) any day of the week. My favorite barleywine as of now. Second goes to Rogue Old Crusty. Third probably Stone Old Guardian (Alex - I would say Greenflash but I fell asleep drinking barely a sip of it)