Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA Ale

There have been lots of hype about this ale recently from fellow hopheads Ryan and Alex, as well as some high school friends of whom I thought do not drink craft beer. It must be the hot new thing in town, even more so than WWF wrestling was back in the days of the Macho Man Randy Savage (snap into a slim jim ooooooo yeaaaaa). Alright, lets see if this ale can match my strong expectations.

Appearance: One finger of head pale pour with shimmers of St. Patrick's day green flashing in and out.

Smell: Fresh piney hop aromas. Reminds me of some belgian IPAs that are a bit perfumy.

Taste: The balancing act of the nutty malts blends well with the piney hoppiness.

Refreshing. Appears watery but goes down with more substance than expected.

I have never experienced whole-cone American hops before (from what my poor memory can recollect) so this ale was a new for me, which comes as a shocker as IPAs are my favorite style (and Imperial IPAs too!!) It was pretty damn good for an IPA (I don't know if the "Extra" means Imperial/Double or just more hops like a Fresh Hop Ale). I need to drink this again and review as my beer senses are out of wack. This 7.2% abv'er is going to get a 8/10 from me for now.

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